Refund Policy

By making your purchase, you accept the vanspace3D refund policy, and all terms and conditions

A. Logging In. 

  1. It is okay to change your mind if you have not logged into the software within 30 days of your purchase. This cooling-off period is an extension by vanspace3D, of the legal 14 days to 30 days. 
  2. Logging into the software is deemed as ‘taking off the wrapper’ of your purchase, as is with all digital content. 
  3. Logging into the software means that you have accepted the terms of our refund policy and waive your right to our extended cooling-off period.

B. Free Trial 

  1. You accept that logging into the software is not part of any free trial offered by vanspace and can not be utilised as such. Section A. will apply as logging into the software is deemed ‘taking off the wrapper’ of your purchase, as is with all digital content. This login waives your right to our extended 30 days cooling-off period.
  2. You accept that the onus is on you, the user, to review all social media platforms provided by vanspace3d where our software is shown in action.
  3. You accept that as we show our software in action across all media platforms and via ‘more info’ with every advert, it is your responsibility to view and ask specific questions before purchasing. 
  4. You accept that we provide specialised design software that will require manual input from the user and not living design software. 
  5. You accept that while you might feel that the software should include a specific feature, it may not be possible due to the constraints of working with the sloped and curved walls of a van template in a 3D environment. 
  6. You accept that it is unlikely that standard-sized objects will be used entirely within van conversion, and you will be required at times to make manual adjustments to fit your selected template accordingly. 

C. Technical Support

  1. Locating a glitch or a bug is not a reason to request a refund. These can happen, and updates are produced regularly. 
  2. On rare occasions, you may have to wait longer for an update to be released that will resolve your particular issue. This is because our Developers may need more time and will prioritise urgent fixes first. Workarounds will always be offered in the meantime if possible. 
  3. A Bug Report is available so that you can stay updated with progress and can be viewed HERE
  4. Error messages are normal and are just a way of your system telling you of a setting that needs to be adjusted. Examples of this would be the set up of the computer, exclusions needing to be created, permissions, outdated software, or your antivirus/windows defender/firewall. Once we know the exact error message that you are receiving and further details about your system, we can advise how to resolve it.
  5. Once you have logged into the software, we will provide you with technical and tutorial advice throughout your time with us when requested.
  6. You accept that you will be requested to provide technical information about the system you are using and specific details of what you are experiencing. Our Team will then replicate the same issue on a similar system to resolve.
  7. Information requested will be required in the form of screenshots in the first instance. Recordings can also be provided if easier for the user or if we need to see how an issue you may have unfolds. 
  8. If we cannot resolve any issue you are having through technical support or a coming update, vanspace3D will refund
  9. Generalising an issue that you may be experiencing would not be sufficient. You accept that the onus would be on you, the buyer, to provide the requested information. Specific information is required. Any issue is then resolvable with guidance or update. 
  10. You accept that vanspace 3D are regularly updating the software and on occasion, you may have to wait for an update to rectify a bug that you might have encountered. We will be transparent about when this can be expected.
  11. Our updates are regular and waiting for an update does not mean that you are entitled to a refund. While computers are always constantly evolving, our developers have to ensure that our software evolves too.
  12. You accept that refusing support is not acceptable and does not entitle you to a refund. In this scenario, any open refund incidence case would be paused until the information requested has been provided.

D. Non-Technical

  1. Once you have logged into the software, changing your mind, no longer needing or finding it too hard to use initially is not a reason to request a refund. 
  2. You accept that vanspace3D is unlike any other software that you will have used. It is the only software dedicated purely to van and bus conversion.
  3. You accept that refusing to watch tutorials or read help guides when entering a new software would not entitle you to a refund. 
  4. You accept that our support team can provide personal help and guidance in all areas of software usage. Tutorials and help guides are also provided for every function and feature.
  5.  If purchased, the e-book 61 tips can not be refunded once it has been delivered via email. 

E. Templates

  1. You accept that a specific template not being available does not entitle you to a refund. This does not hinder your design as all pre-made templates can be adjusted. A comprehensive custom template generator is also provided. 
  2. vanspace3D makes every effort to ensure that the dimensions of each pre-made template are as accurate as possible. Our 3D templates have been created using information disclosed by manufacturers themselves and/or experts within the industry if not freely available.  
  3. You accept that new pre-made templates are added in order of popularity of requests from our users. 
  4. You accept that vanspace3D focuses on vans and bus conversions. If you wish to create a layout for anything other than a cargo van or bus, please review this help guide before purchasing HERE, or contact our Support Team. 
  5. It is not acceptable to log in solely to view any templates available.  A free trial is not provided by vanspace and logging in waives your right to a cooling-off period as per section A. Our Support Team are available to discuss your requirements before purchasing. 

F. Compatible systems

  1. Our software is compatible with Mac High Sierra onwards and standard Windows 10 PC/Laptop, full information can be found HERE
  2. Whilst we have Windows 7 users using our software, we can not offer any technical assistance to Windows 7 users as this operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. 
  3. A mobile app is in development with further announcements to be made in 2022  

Finally, Most Importantly. 

We want you to enjoy your experience, you are at the beginning of an incredible journey, and we are here to help. 

You can contact our Support Team at [email protected] Facebook Messenger or by using Live Chat on our Website. 


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