SUNGZU Portable Power Station 1000W Power Supply

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2019

This is the biggest portable charger tested with a 273,000mAh battery. It can power and charge up to 1,000 watts! 

A portable battery and solar generator are very necessary things nowadays and it’s been widely used for camping and outdoor parties. You can bring Sungzu 1000 watt portable generator to outdoor parties at the beach or at campsites, and during a power outage, you can power appliances at home.

Though Sungzu isn’t exactly one of the most popular brands in the portable generator industry people have become more aware of their products in solar power. Sungzu 1000 watt portable solar generator review will show, the product actually deserves to be more popular beside others. 
It is flexible to charge for different equipment with its 273000mAh/1000Wh large capacity. This portable power station solar features are multi-functional so that You will be able to charge a regular smartphone, or power a laptop, various small appliances (mini refrigerator, speaker, projector)

Product Specifications:

A perfect power source for both home battery backup and outdoor activities like camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor party and music festival, etc.
High capacity for most devices with load power less than 1000W, such as smartphone, laptop, Camera, light, TV, fan, drone, CPAP, mini-refrigerator, etc.
Clean power with no noise and pollution. Recharged via the solar and wall. Support a continuous power outdoor.
More safe with short circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-heat protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection.

● Input: 32-45Vdc/8.0A - AC adapter: 32V/8.0A(Max)
● Solar panel: 32-45V/8.0A(Max)
● Capacity: 1010Wh/25.9V/39Ah (3.7V/273000mAh)
● AC Output: 2* 110V/9.1A/60Hz, 1000 watt (peak 2000 watt)
● DC output: 2* 12V/8.0A(Max)
● USB Outputs: 4* 5V/3.0A(max)
● Working humidity: ≤ 95%
● Dimensions: 16 * 6.4 * 10.8 inches
● Weight: 25.4 lbs

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