How To Recover Your Budget After The Holidays Fast

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2020

Have you ever spent more money than you planned? Traveling is awesome but spending money never is. It’s actually one of the most stressful things we deal with on the road. Now that the Christmas and holiday splendor has settled down, you are looking at your bank statements and credit card bills with wide eyes. It’s all too easy to go overboard during the holidays. But, no need to worry about that anymore because we gather the best tips that will help you to recover your budget in no time! 

Come up with a spending plan

The first step is to figure out where your money is going. Save your receipts for everything for a couple of days and then add up your expenses. Analyze your spending and figure out where you could improve.
For van lifers, the two biggest expenses are fuel and food. Our plan for spending fewer starts here- cut down your miles and eat at home a little more! Once you’ve got a plan then start tracking your expenses to see if your changes are working.

Eat cheap and eat in your van! 

If you eat "in", you can use canned ingredients like beans, inexpensive pantry staples like rice and pasta, and lower-cost produce (sometimes even frozen). These cheap recipes will help you to save some extra money.

Make your own coffee

Going out every few hours for that expensive pack of coffee is going to cost you a lot! If you’re really trying to keep some cash in your wallet, one of the best ways you can cut down on costs in van life is to make your own coffee.

Don’t buy bottled water

One more easy way to save money in van life is to fill up at water fountains, campground spigots, gas stations, etc. Get a good jug or two and fill up when you can. It’ll save your wallet and the environment

Finding a safe, free place to park and sleep in your vehicle

Van life means living and sleeping in your vehicle. One of the biggest ways you can save money in van life is to stay sleeping in your van. You can go fully independent and free instead of having to spend money and time in hotels or campgrounds. Finding a free place is possibly the most important thing to spend time on when sleeping in your van. There are a lot of places to sleep in a city. Always look for signs that say you're not allowed to be there!

Map out your route

Sometimes planning might be the last thing you want to do when traveling because you just want to wander and discover things along the way. But by being smart about your route and your fuel consumption you can easily save money in van life. Do your best to cut down on backtracking, stay out of stop and go traffic and orient towards the cheapest gas (your smartphone can help you with all of that.)

With these tips, you can save a substantial amount of money every month, but one thing we've noticed that’s even more important than how much you are saving is the fact that your money is going toward more things that you love!


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