DOMETIC CFX 65W Black/Gray CFX 65W 12V Electric Powered Portable Cooler

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2019

Keep items frozen, or cool, it's up to you!  The CFX cooler line has a detachable lid, removable baskets, separate dairy comportment, USB port, and interior light for added convenience.

Product Specifications:
  • 106 Can/60l Capacity, deep-freeze to -7°, single-zone cooling compartment
  • Advanced compressor electronics ensure ultra-low power consumption using AC, DC, and solar power - enjoy the freedom to go off-grid!
  • Enjoy 60% more storage capacity in the same exterior space! Compared to similar capacity ice chest using recommended ice/content ratio.
  • 3 Stage Dynamic Battery Protection System automatically shuts the product off to prevent a dead car starter battery and improves car battery performance.
  • Precisely control and monitor temperature +/- 2°F via a digital display or WiFi App.
  • Energy-efficient LED interior light and removable wire baskets with dividers for optimal content organization.
  • Dimensions: 22" H x 28.5" W x 17.9" D.

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