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vanspace gives you everything
 you need to build stunning and accurate
 van conversion designs

  • 100+ to-scale templates of popular van models.
  • 100+ resizeable furniture and components.
  • Dozens of design textures and colours.
  • Unlimited design possibilities.
  • Custom van generator to recreate the floorplan of any van or bus.
  • Simple drag-and-drop editing.
  • First-person view for an "in-van" perspective.
  • Desktop apps for Windows & Mac.
  • Exportable designs with accurate measurements.

"Vanspace3D is an inspirational tool for anyone wishing to design their own campervan conversion. We were delighted to happen on it on the first day of starting our design. After familiarising oneself with the various gizmos it is relatively user-friendly and one can easily juggle various designs and layouts in most vans. What we find brilliant is that it has the internal layouts for most of the van makes and models one is likely to select for conversion. Furthermore, it is great value for money. Get to grips with the package and have fun designing your conversion; we are having a ball! 🤗 Joe & Siobhan, Ireland."

Joe F. - Trustpilot
Vanspace3D is an inspirational tool

"I just love this program! It´s easy to use, your 3D floorplans will look amazing! The community is a great place to share designs, ideas, suggestions and questions. The support team is the best, they always do their upmost best to answer all the questions and help you above and beyond as quickly as humanly possible."

Joy S. - Trustpilot
I just love this program!

"Loving the software so far. Nice to be able to get a 3D rendering in an actual van layout. Customer Support have been very responsive as well. "

Amanda H. - Trustpilot

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You'll learn to create professional-looking 3D van designs in minutes with vanspace. Just drag and drop components, resize them, move them around and tweak the details until everything fits just right.

Builders and dreamers are falling in love with vanspace. It’s perfect for you if:

You’ve been dreaming of a van-based lifestyle, or

Your back-of-the-napkin sketches aren’t cutting it, or

You want to a test conversion idea to see if it's practical, or

You’re trying to decide which van to buy, or

You want to experiment with different designs and vans, or

You need to make sure your design is perfect before you build (to avoid an expensive rebuild later)

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Unlimited van designs

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A bad budget (or no budget) is the #1 killer of van conversions. If you don't know how much you need to spend, your trip can get set back months or you may give up completely. Our easy-to-use budget spreadsheet helps you plan better and get on the road sooner!

The $4984 Van Build Revealed

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Tip #14 is a real life-saver (trust us, we learned the hard way)!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, vanspace works for any van or bus! We have already imported 100+ of the most common vans and even if you have a more rare van model, with our Custom Van option you can easily enter the dimensions of any van to start designing your layout right away! 

You don't need anything special, just your normal laptop or the pc at the library will be fine. The mobile version will be released soon, if you purchase the current version, you will receive the mobile version FREE when it is released.

We want to ensure you to have a good user experience, so we will only release a mobile version when it is 100% ready and user-friendly. We are working hard on releasing the mobile app, and you will receive mobile access for free if you purchase the current version.

Nope! We wanted to keep it simple so with our easy drag-and-drop system you can easily import all the furniture, resize it and apply the materials, no design or building  experience needed :)

You can download vanspace to your Windows or Mac computer.


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